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handcrafted handpans and similar instruments

Starting a new challenge and personal path, I begin to build the instruments that I play and that have nourished me since 2014.​

Learning as a way. Hammering to make the steel sing sweetly.

Since the hang was launched in 2001 by its creators, Felix Rohner and Sabrina Schärer from PANArt,

to whom I can only be grateful for their contribution to the music universe, some of us around the world have tried to start up a business and learn about making handpans.

Understanding that the path to learn about iron is endless and there are many things to be discovered yet, we offer our sonic pots, the Arran, from Pla de l’Estany (Girona, Nothern Catalonia) with the aim of taking the handpan to everyone and to all music styles.


martís de biaix productions

arran and luthier: Elies Miralpeix y Patufa @bimfufons

audiovisual creation and workshop: Bernat Miralpeix

design: Mia de biaix 

road manager: Marga de biaix

resident artist: Brunilda

philanthropist: Jordi Perillós


​ If you want to know the origins go to in the back.

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