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All arran have a heat treatment, nitriding, which increases the resistance to oxidation of the steel, keeps the tuning stable and helps to define the timbre.

It is a steel instrument and the tension of the steel can vary with atmospheric conditions. After a move, give it some time to adapt to the new environment.

Do not play the instrument in the sun, and if it is in the sun do not play it until it cools down.


Play with delicacy, the instrument is tuned by blows, a wrong blow with the hand can put it out of tune. Practice the hand touches to produce a good sound, without hitting hard.


Never play with drumsticks, mallets...


maintenance routine

  • Dry the instrument after each use with cotton or microfiber cloths to wipe off moisture and residues.

  • At least once a week, apply oil (3in1, Armistol, Froglube) and every time you stop playing the instrument for a few days.

  • From time to time, depending on the use, clean with alcohol with an absorbent paper, and then apply oil.

  • Store the instrument in a safe place, protected from falls, shocks and humidity, and always out of the case.

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