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We build and sell handpans of 53cm diameter, between 8 and 17 notes, for now, with different finishes and pàtins, in two materials:

  • Nitrided DC04 carbon steel.

  • AISI 430 stainless steel.


For reasons of acoustic physics we cannot include the note Bb 4 to our scales.


The waiting time between order and delivery can vary between one and six months.

We prefer to pick up the instruments at the workshop, so that we can share and get to know each other.

In case of postal or parcel delivery, the costs are separate depending on the destination.


All instruments are delivered with a protective textile case. If more rigid cases are required, please consult accessories.

Custom scales. We offer the possibility to create custom scales, with notes on the bottom, mutants... We are open to experiment and try new challenges.

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