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in the back

arran, is an endemic, beautiful, forceful and rough word for a purpose of nearness and affection;

and it sounds as forceful and rough as the instrument and the way it's created: by means of a hammer. Arran is how pans are made and played.

Arran is the field of action.

In Arran we have chosen the slow way, where fingers, ears and touch are the ones who learn with very little support from outside. In this learning process is the learning itself the one asking for answers 

Evocating the field of sound. There is an erotic and symbolic side implied in the shape of the pans:

I consider the pans to be a feminine instrument.

Calderó or fermatta is a musical sign indicating that the note of silence, which is affected by it,

can be lengthened according to the interpreter’s will.


Evocation of the “f” letter. The sinuous cut from where the sound of the stringed instruments comes out. It is a homage from the apprentice to the luthier masters.

Inverted bass clef. Yes.

The eye, Miralpeix, ready to serve you. The moon. The star. The cycle of nature.

Pregnancy? The wave, the movement, the auric spiral.

They all converge in a handmade stroke, an imperfect one, trying to tend to perfection.

Hands make the world go round.  

And number 6, it's contained in my name, I was born on a 6th, and since 1999, it represents me legally.



 Elies Miralpeix Bosch.


Dedicated to those who have helped me making this path come true.

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