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Makers Courses

Do you want to learn how to make handpans?

We offer one week courses where you can learn the basics, theory and practice, with which you can get started in sound sculpture.


Basic knowledge:

  • Singing metals.

  • Thermal processes.

  • Acoustic physics applied to the handpan.

  • Proportions of the notes.

  • Dimple proportions.

  • Layout of scales.

  • Tools, hand and pneumatic hammers, compressors...

  • Specific techniques: shaping, tuning, gluning and fine tuning.



We offer rental instruments for beginners and to try different scales.

Contact us for more information.



We recommend to retune the instrument between the first and the second year of its life, because of the imbalances that the use and the slow stabilization of the metal entail (free service, shipping costs not included).

We can also re-tune out-of-tune instruments.

In case of instruments from other makers-constructors, please consult us and study the feasibility.

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